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Regional Distribution Rings -  Reliability and Scalability By Design

Experienced carriers know the benefits of a route-diverse ring topology in today’s telecommunications world.   With over 1000 route miles in Maine, leasing any of our (3) Regional Distribution Rings gives you increased reliability and flexibility, making you the ‘go-to’ provider in Maine.

 All Rings Provide

  •  ·         Access to hardened MFC Regen/Amp Sites at 100km intervals
  • ·         Allocation of pre-engineered on/off access points (buildings or ReGen sites)
  • ·         Specify the term length.   5, 10 and 20 year leases available
  • ·         Pre-payment options at NPV
  • ·         All leased elements captured in our engineering software and billed as a circuit
  • ·         2 Hour acknowledgement /24 hour restoration SLA

Southern Ring

  • ·         450 route miles covering the business-rich southern coastline region, Casco Bay, north to Bangor, with a unique western return route
  • ·         Access to multiple New Hampshire  crossings with continued service to Boston
  • ·         Up to (9) pre-engineered on/off access points
  • ·         Access to Portland and Bangor tandems
  • ·         Access to (3) independent colocation facilities
  • ·         Access to dense business and wireless penetration areas of Maine

 Northern Ring

  • ·         600 route miles covering the ‘Down East’ Maine coast, north to the New Brunswick, Canada border areas, with a unique return route 
  • ·         Access to multiple Canadian crossings.
  • ·         Up to (12) pre-engineered on/off access points
  • ·         Access to the UMaine Orono campus, former Loring AFB, and Bangor tandem

 Central Ring

  • ·         170 route miles covering west central Maine
  • ·         Links the Northern and Southern Rings
  • ·         Up to (4) pre-engineered on/off access points


Regional Distribution Ring Map