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Working With Maine Fiber Company

It’s easy to do business with Maine Fiber Company.  Just follow these steps and we're good to go.


Step 1.  Request a new customer package.  The package will contain everything you need to get started, including:

  • ·         A Google Earth map file showing completed fiber routes and routes under construction.
  • ·         The latest Construction Schedule, listing completion dates for any segments still under construction.
  • ·         A copy of our current Dark Fiber Lease rates as well as rates for additional services.
  • ·         Our latest Building List and Near-Net List. 
  • ·         A Dark Fiber Use Agreement, which acts as a ‘Master Service Agreement’ and allows you to receive a formal quote.
  • ·         A mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement, which we are happy to execute if you choose.
  • ·         A Quote Request template


Step 2.  Request a Quote.  Simply fill out the Quote Request template and e-mail it to us.  We will respond to non-complex quotes within 48 hours of receipt.  The quote will include the Monthly Recurring Costs and an estimate of the Non-Recurring Costs for your request. 


Step 3.  Place an Order.  Once you review and approve the Quote, notify us via e-mail if you would like to proceed.  We will reply with an acknowledgement and a Schedule 1.1, which documents the details of your fiber lease arrangement, and is appended to your Dark Fiber Use Agreement.


Step 4.  Coordinate Installation and Acceptance.   Your Quote will include an estimate of the ‘Grant Date’ on which your leased fiber will be available for use.  MFC will coordinate details of the demarc location, splicing, fiber designation and billing information at this point.  In addition we coordinate with your field resources to ensure the testing, fiber characterization, new construction, and turn up schedule work for you.   


Step 5.  Billing and Support Questions.  We issue a monthly bill on the first of each month, and our customers pay in advance for the upcoming month.  Any issues related to support can be directed to our offices at 207-699-4550 or e-mailed to     If you experience a service outage related to loss of fiber continuity, call our 7x24 MFC Repair number 207-321-6169. 


We strive to make it easy for our customers.